Women’s Bar Association of Illinois — Chicago Strong!

The Women’s Bar Association of Illinois (“WBAI”) is exceptionally strong in Chicago’s legal community and diverse. It is full of influential female leaders whose mission is to better the legal profession and their communities. It is a commonly misconstrued perception that you must be a licensed attorney to join the Women’s Bar Association. In fact, its members consist of not only attorneys, judges, but law students, and professionals from other legal fields.
The Association’s adheres strongly its mission and ideals:

  • to strive to promote and foster, advance and protect the interests and welfare of women lawyers;
  • to encourage a spirit of friendship and mutual helpfulness among its members;
  • to aid in the enactment of legislation for the common good, and in the administration of justice; and
  • to promote and protect the interests and rights of women.

Chicago Events with the Women’s Bar Association

Wine, Appetizers and Networking at the Mojo Spa

Membership with the Women’s Bar Association

  • attorneys,
  • new bar admitees,
  • law students,
  • lifetime members,
  • government attorneys, and
  • non-profit attorneys.

General membership dues are $175.00 per year but law students and recent law school graduates are free. Membership allows you access to many free and substantially discounted events. There are several largely attended annual events that members look forward to every year, such as the annual Golf Outing, Judicial Reception, and Annual Dinner where new officers are sworn into their new respective positions. Numerous other events are held throughout the year around Chicago’s Loop, River North, and Chicago’s suburb areas. You can find details and register for the events on the WBAI’s online calendar.

Continuing Legal Education Opportunities with WBAI

Leadership Development and Career Growth

Mentorship and Bridging the Gap

The Women’s Bar Association — An Esteemed History

WBAI — Giving Back and Serving the Chicago Community

Get Involved with the Women’s Bar Association

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