When is the Time for Termination of Spousal Maintenance?

Early Termination of Spousal Support for Cohabitation

Cohabitation as defined by Illinois Divorce Law

750 ILCS 5/510(c)

  1. The length of the former spouse’s relationship with the new person;
  2. The amount of time the couple spends together;
  3. The nature of activities engaged in;
  4. The interrelation of their personal affairs
  5. Whether they vacation together; and
  6. Whether they spend holidays together.

Your ex-spouse may claim that their new partner is just a roommate.

  • If you were just roommates, would you be intimate with one another?
  • Would you have the same set of friends?
  • Would you go out together all the time?
  • Would you comingle your funds?
  • Would you go on vacation together?

Be Clear in Your Initial Marital Settlement Agreement

Our Chicago Divorce Attorneys Can Help You with Spousal Maintenance



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