What to Expect When Your Divorce Is Set For Trial

When your divorce is set for trial this is where the judge will finalize your divorce case. It is set after several months of discovery and represents the final orders in your divorce. Given the permanent nature of this proceeding, many people are intimidated by the prospect of testifying and having one shot to persuade the judge to rule their way.

Most parties will try every avenue to resolve a case prior to setting a trial and having to go through the process of preparing for trial, if anything, due to the financial and emotional tolls a trial can take on the parties. Trials are expensive, and you are placing your future in the hands of a Judge who does not know you or your family and hoping for the best. Trials really should not be used unless absolutely necessary to resolve a case. However, in some scenarios, the case needs to be set for trial in order to move it along. If you have a party who will not settle, or who does not want to get divorced, setting trial dates is a way to put an “end date” on the case, because on that date either the case will finally be settled or the case will proceed to trial, and one way or another, the case will be over.

Before Your Divorce Case is Set For Trial


Trial Retainer

Preparing When Your Divorce is Set for Trial

Final Trial Conference or Pre-Trial Conference

Testimony and Witnesses

The husband and wife will also testify in their case. It is important to be honest and to prepare for your testimony with your attorney so you know what to expect and not be surprised at trial. It is also important to know what evidence/testimony your soon-to-be-ex will introduce so that you are prepared to rebut that information.

Legal Strategy

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