What Is The Collaborative Divorce Process?

A collaborative divorce process is a divorce process where both parties agree to work out an agreement with the help of a collaborative attorney and several other professionals without filing motions with the courts.

The Collaborative Divorce Process

Professionals Involved in the Process

The benefit of choosing to retain these professionals jointly is that you could save a substantial amount of money in retaining one professional to provide a service to both of you as opposed to each of you hiring your own independent professional leading to potentially two different opinions or values which then has to be litigated in the Courtroom. Not only does this involve the additional costs of two professionals but also the costs for your respective attorneys to work with the professionals, prepare the professionals for court and then present the relevant evidence to the court to make a decision. Many of these decisions that a court would make, such as the value of property or a business or a piece of art is going to weigh heavily on the expert testimony and the reports provided. You and your spouse would have this same information from a neutral professional retained in a collaborative divorce without the additional expense of litigation.

Working with a Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Collaborative Divorce Does Not Involve Discovery

In addition to written discovery oral discovery, or depositions can be taken of you and your spouse. Depositions are time-consuming to prepare for and a time consuming and expensive process. You and your attorney as well as your spouse and their attorney are all present along with a court reporter. Both attorneys are charging hourly rates and the court reporter charges for their time as well as any transcript that is ordered. In the Collaborative Divorce process, there are no depositions. All information is discussed and provided freely during collaborative meetings.

Agreement Through Collaboration

Generally, if you are unable to reach an agreement using the collaborative divorce process, the collaborative attorney you have retained and worked with will not be able to represent you in court and you will have to hire another divorce lawyer to move forward with the process in court.


Is the Collaborative Divorce Process Right for You?

Seek Legal Advice from an Experienced Collaborative Divorce Attorney

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