What is Supervised Parenting Time in Illinois?

When a parent has supervised parenting time in Illinois, it means that someone is charged with chaperoning the parent during their parenting time. Sometimes it is a paid person and sometimes it can be a trusted friend or relative. It can also be a social worker and the visit can take place at the parent’s home or at a designated facility. When you have supervised parenting time, it means that you cannot be with your children for any length of time unless the supervisor is there with you. If the court hears that you were with your children without the supervisor, it could mean a suspension of your parenting time altogether.

How Does a Parent Find Themselves with Supervised Parenting Time?

Agreeing to Supervision

There are situations where it is inevitable. The other side can back you into a corner with the promise that it will only be “for a short time.” Do not believe it. It will take months and even years to get rid of and even though the other side never proved a thing against you, the judge is always thinking that supervised parenting time was in place because of something you did wrong.

There are very few situations where I would advise that you agree to supervised parenting time.

How Long Does Supervision Last?

I just completed a case where the mom agreed to “temporarily have supervision” of her parenting time while the GAL investigated the father’s claims against her. That “temporary” order lasted a year. By then, the father attempted to change custody altogether since he was in possession of the children for so long.

If you are compliant with the court order, you will slowly work your way into regular parenting time. It will take a while, but eventually, most people end up with unsupervised parenting time.

Who Can Be a Supervisor?

What Act Result in a Court Ordering Supervised Parenting Time?

  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse exists within the relationship, either toward the children or the other parent.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Mental illness if the parent is not compliant with medication and/or treatment.
  • Either kidnapping the child, hiding a child from the other parent, or leaving the state without authorization,
  • Some sort of neglect of the child
  • A parent is in a dating relationship with a person that is deemed to be a risk to the child.

How Do You Get Rid of Supervised Parenting Time?

Questions About Supervised Parenting? Speak to an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Keep in mind that the court will not give you supervision unless you are a serious endangerment to your child, so be sure to seek trusted legal advice from a family law attorney. At Anderson & Boback, our team of skilled and experienced Chicago attorneys has spent decades helping parents deal with complex child custody issues including supervised parenting time cases. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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