What is Divorce Mediation and How Does It Work?

Some people are often surprised that despite the fact that their spouse has filed a petition for dissolution in court and are in the process of full-blown litigation, they are still required to participate in divorce mediation in an effort to come to an agreement. It seems almost counterintuitive to require mediation when the parties are likely in court because there was no agreement.

Divorce Mediation Helps Parties Reach Agreements

Mediation and Parenting Issues

If you and your spouse are already divorced and entered into a joint decision-making agreement with your ex-spouse, there may be a clause in that agreement requiring you and your ex-spouse to attend mediation before you go to court to litigate any issues in the case. This provision again keeps parents out of court if a mediator is able to assist the parties in reaching an amicable resolution.

Is Mediation Right for Your Divorce Case?

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