The Right Parenting Schedule For Your Family

Setting a parenting schedule can be one of the biggest, most stressful issues that arise if you are getting divorced and children are involved in the relationship. The key is creating a parenting schedule that is most conducive to everyone involved which means you, especially your children, any other caretakers (babysitters, grandparents, etc.), and yes… even your ex. Think about it…your ex will be much more pleasant to deal with if he or she is relatively happy. You just have to find a happy medium.

Parenting Schedules — Things to Consider

  • every other day;
  • one week on/one week off;
  • 3 night with one parent and 4 nights with the other;
  • the primary parent gets kids during the school week and alternate weekends;
  • a parent who only had weekends with the children could get the children for a few dinners during the week; etc.

The list of scheduling scenarios goes on and on. When determining a schedule that’s best for your it’s typically most important to keep the ages of kids in mind. The older your children get, the more activities they have and the more unpredictable their schedules become. Once kids start reaching 8 and 9 years old they want to spend more and more time with friends. This can be disappointing for the parent who only gets weekend time or doesn’t get as much time but as the other parent, you just have to take a step back and look again at the best interest of your children. Socializing with peers is imperative to their success in life.

Parenting Schedule Logistics


If you do keep an online calendar, make sure you check it every day and keep it updated.

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