Suspect Child Abuse or Neglect By Your Ex During Parenting Time

You Need Some Kind of Evidence

Why is it Wrong to Talk to My Child About the Neglect or Abuse?

What Can I Do if I Suspect Child Abuse?

Do I have to Send My Child on Her Parenting Time?

  1. a reduction, elimination, or other adjustment of the parent’s decision-making responsibilities or parenting time, or both decision-making responsibilities and parenting time;
  2. supervision, including ordering the Department of Children and Family Services to exercise continuing supervision under Section 5 of the Children and Family Services Act;
  3. requiring the exchange of the child between the parents through an intermediary or in a protected setting;
  4. restraining a parent’s communication with or proximity to the other parent or the child;
  5. requiring a parent to abstain from possessing or consuming alcohol or non-prescribed drugs while exercising parenting time with the child and within a specified period immediately preceding the exercise of parenting time;
  6. restricting the presence of specific persons while a parent is exercising parenting time with the child;
  7. requiring a parent to post a bond to secure the return of the child following the parent’s exercise of parenting time or to secure other performance required by the court;
  8. requiring a parent to complete a treatment program for perpetrators of abuse, for drug or alcohol abuse, or for other behavior that is the basis for restricting parental responsibilities under this Section; and
  9. any other constraints or conditions that the court deems necessary to provide for the child’s safety or welfare.

Can I seek to have the parenting supervised?

If You Suspect Child Abuse, Talk to a Family Law Attorney



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