Stay-At-Home Dad’s Guide to Child Custody

Custody, Parenting Time and Illinois Allocation Judgments

The Burden to Prove the “Best Interest of the Child”

Fathers Seeking “Custody” or Majority of Parenting Time

How to Be the Parent with the Majority of Parenting Time

Ability to Facilitate a Relationship Between Your Child and the Other Parent

  • Does your child have a picture of the other parent in his or her room?
  • How about a photo album of the child’s family which includes pictures of both parents?
  • Are you secure enough to allow your child to talk regularly on the phone with the other parent, or do you lurk in the background listening to their conversation?

Advice to the Stay-At-Home Dad Seeking Primary Responsibility of the Children

Find Ways to Support Your Child’s Relationship with the Other Parent


  • It shows your child that you are forgiving, thoughtful, and generous.
  • It shows your ex that you are forgiving, thoughtful and generous.
  • And, it shows the Court that you are forgiving, thoughtful and generous.

Preparing Your Case for a Custody Evaluator or Judge



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