Should I Stay in a Toxic Marriage to Protect My Kids?

Divorce is never an easy decision. However, should you have to stay in a toxic marriage for your child’s benefit?

I am sure that you could ask this question to many different people and receive a different answer from everyone. Some people are committed to staying in a marriage even if it is toxic because they took a vow on their wedding day. I will not go as far as to say that this is just silly, but my answer would be very close to that view.

5 Toxic Marriage Situations Where Divorce May Be the Answer

1. Some Marriages Can Be Saved

My opinion changes when I see domestic violence or other harmful behavior in a marriage, however. If your spouse beats you, is there any type of therapy that can change that behavior? Maybe.

2. Sometimes a Spouse Just Needs to Get Out of the Marriage

Do you want your daughter or son to see marital relationships work in this way?

Instead of talking about things, physical violence is used?

It is for this same reason that I do not condone hitting children, but that subject is for a different day. Once hitting starts, it rarely stops. That kind of anger and rage is not something your spouse will fix overnight. You need to leave and take your children with you.

3. Leaving a Toxic Marriage Can Be Dangerous

4. Order of Protection

5. Growing Up in an Abusive Home

Abusive partners tend to reinforce low self-esteem to make their victims feel unlovable. Victims are often told no one else would want them. The psychological damage on victims of abuse is immense and may result in victims having trouble making decisions, feeling dependent on their abusive partners, suffering from depression, or using drugs/alcohol for coping.

At all costs, I would recommend getting out of this type of toxic relationship — marriage or not.

Leaving a Toxic Marriage When You Have No Money


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