Seeking Temporary Relief in Divorce Court Proceedings

Once a divorce begins seeking temporary relief in divorce court proceedings is very common. Emotions are usually running high when the divorce proceedings are initiated after a breakdown in a marriage. It’s not unusual for divorcing couples to find themselves unable to resolve even the smallest issues without needing assistance from the court. For that reason, pursuant to Section 501 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (750 ILCS 5/501), Illinois law enables judges to enter what we refer to as “temporary orders”.

Temporary Relief Meaning and Status Quo Ante

So what does that mean for you? Think about the way things were before there was trouble in the marriage. The last time the two of you were getting along. What does that picture look like?

Temporary Orders on Financial Issues

You get the idea.

Some parties are able to communicate effectively to ensure their obligations are taken care of throughout the dissolution proceedings. While they may not want to continue paying bills the exact way they once did, they may be able to work out an agreement on their own to get them through the divorce process amicably.

This isn’t always the case.

When parties are unable to communicate effectively they tend to have a harder time seeing the big picture. Imagine how much time and money could be wasted arguing over something that was never an issue before.

For example, imagine two parties still in the same house. Historically, Spouse A paid the water bill and Spouse B paid the electric bill. Spouse B files for divorce and now Spouse A refuses to pay the water bill, even though they have decided to remain in the same house throughout the proceedings. Does it seem logical to fight over such small issues when there is a big picture to be looking at? How will assets and debts be divided? What schools will the children go to? What will a parenting time schedule look like? Those are just a few of the big issues that need to be decided before the divorce can be finalized.

Before you unilaterally decide to stop paying a bill, especially if you almost always paid that bill in the past, or before you unilaterally decide to take your spouse off your health insurance plan, first think about the big picture, mentioned-above, and then ask yourself a few questions.

Do you have a logical reason for the decision you are about to make?

Have you tried to resolve the issue with your spouse?

Will a Judge support your decision?

Temporary orders often tend to deal with issues regarding child support, maintenance, asset protection, possession of the marital residence and attorney’s fees but they can also deal with smaller issues.

Filing a Petition for Temporary Financial Relief and Preparing for Hearing

Temporary Orders and Issues Related to Children

Temporary Orders Granting Temporary Relief

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