Ready for a Child Custody or Parenting Time Battle? What You Need to Know

1. The status quo is important, so be the parent you want to be.

2. Keep records and documentation.

  • If you have concerns about how your child is doing in school and the report cards substantiate the concerns, gather and keep the last few years of report cards.
  • If you are concerned about contribution to the costs of the children’s expenses, keep detailed receipts.
  • If you believe the child’s other parent will try to argue that they do everything for the minor children, you can keep a diary or a log of everything you did that day.
  • Attend the doctor’s appointments and keep the after-visit summaries, and keep notes in your diary or log that you attended.
  • If there are text message conversations, or email conversations, or parenting application conversations that would prove your points or concerns, keep them, and keep them organized. Document everything.

3. If you have not yet, don’t leave the children’s residence.

4. Prepare your residence for your children if you have already moved out.

5. Prepare financially for parental responsibilities and parenting time battles.

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