Postnuptial Agreements — What You Need to Know

Common Scenarios for Postnuptial Agreements

  • Parties who wanted a premarital agreement but ran out of time or put it off prior to their wedding;
  • Parties who are entering into a second, third, or fourth marriage (and so on); (especially when they have minor children from a previous marriage)
  • Parties who have minor children from a prior relationship;
  • Parties who own a business;
  • Parties who come into a large inheritance or non-marital gift from family and want to ensure it is protected;
  • Parties who wish to stay in their marriage, but only will do so if they are certain that in the event they divorce, they will be aware of what is “theirs”. (More on this public policy argument below).

Save Your Marriage with a Postnuptial Agreement?



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