Keeping Children Uninvolved in Divorce and Family Law Proceedings

Follow These Tips to Keep Children Uninvolved in Family Law Issues

  1. Don’t Talk to Children About Money

Talking about money issues with your kids causes unnecessary stress.

Involving Your Child in Family Law Proceedings Can Be Damaging

  1. Judges hate it. Family law and divorce judges absolutely cannot stand hearing that parents talk to their children about court or child support.
  2. Parenting Time is not conditioned upon payment of child support. The law is very clear on this, yet people still discuss it with their children and try to raise it as a defense to not letting the nonpaying parent exercise parenting time.
  3. Guardian Ad Litems/Child Representatives hate it. This is a pet peeve of anyone who is involved in the case who is looking out for what is in the minor children’s best interests.
  4. It is not in the minor children’s best interests to discuss these things. Court proceedings cause the litigants enough anguish, anxiety, and stress. It is not hard to imagine what this sort of information would do to a minor child. It is not in the best interests of a minor child for any of these topics to be discussed with them and any parent who does discuss these things with them will be frowned upon by the Court and the GAL/Child Representative.



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