Is It Too Soon to Call a Chicago Divorce Lawyer?

Nobody wants to think that their marriage is headed toward divorce. When there are problems in the marriage, people rarely call a Chicago divorce lawyer. People seem to think that the act of calling a divorce attorney means you are committed to a divorce, when really what a person needs is some trusted legal advice. Every marriage has to weather differences, and the key to knowing when to call an attorney is knowing which of the differences is minor, and which are substantial.

7 Signs It’s Time to Call a Chicago Divorce Lawyer

1 — Large Sums of Money Are Being Moved From Your Account

2 — Large Sums of Money Received

3 — I Work A Lot, and I Do Not Want to Lose My Children

4 — Will I Be Charged With Abandonment if I Leave the House?

5 — Is There Ever a Time That I Should Stay In The Home Though?

6 — Can I Afford to Get a Divorce?

7 — I Am Afraid I Won’t Have Enough Money to Live on if I Divorce

Call a Chicago Divorce Attorney for Peace of Mind


When Everything Is On The Line, You Need An Attorney You Can Trust, That Will Advocate & Fight For Your Family! We Can Help!