How To Protect Your Child From A Narcissistic Parent

Parenting is hard work. There is so much to do-always-and it is not any easier now that parents are expected to home school their children. The stress of the added responsibility can be daunting for some, and it does not help when you are parenting with a narcissistic parent. What exactly is a narcissistic parent?

What is a Narcissistic Parent?

How Do I Protect My Child?

The Impatient or Angry Parent

You will recognize this behavior quickly since your first thought will be getting angry yourself. When you recognize the behavior-impatient and/or anger-take a deep breath. There is no need to engage. My business partner has the best response to a situation like this. She says, “Perhaps you are right.” I did not think it would really work until I was fighting with my husband one day. She took me into her office and said, “tell him ‘Perhaps you are right.’”

What can someone do with that? Yell back, “No I’m not!”

The other person stands there, kind of confused and dazed. They start their next sentence and then realize; she has agreed with me. It stops them in their tracks. What can you possibly argue? Perhaps you are right. You did not say they were right, just perhaps they are.

Take Some Time

It Is One Thing When the Behavior is Exhibited Towards You, But What About When it Starts Toward My Child?

That attorney will speak to your child. The attorney will read the messages between you and your ex. It is important that your messages are calm and rational. That attorney will see the rage and be able to gauge the appropriateness of the responses. When you are calm and in control, you take away the narcissistic parent’s ability to control the situation. At that point, the narcissistic parent will either need to seek help to deal with their range of emotions or they will likely lose parenting time.

Seek Therapeutic Help For Your Child

The hard part of having a child with a narcissistic parent is that the child mimics the behavior. When you are frustrated, how do you handle it? You do not want the child acting like the narcissistic parent, and if that is what the child sees and there is no correction, it is likely that your child will start adopting some of those behavior traits. You will need to intervene early. Therapy is a good way to educate your child about acceptable behavior traits, and how to deal with other behaviors that are not desirable.

Co-Parenting with a Narcissistic Parent is not Easy


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