How To Get An Expert Witness To Testify In A Family Law Case

Requirements for an Expert Witness in Your Case

Demonstrating Competence and Expertise in the Subject Matter Area

  • education,
  • skill,
  • training,
  • knowledge,
  • practical experience, or all of these.

Notification and Qualifying Your Expert Witness

Questions to Qualify Your Witness as an Expert

  • educational degrees held,
  • training and licensing,
  • length of time in the field,
  • positions held in the field, duties and function in the positions,
  • whether or not they teach or lecture in the field of expertise,
  • any Publications in their field,
  • Membership in professional societies/associations/organizations, and special positions within each,
  • Honors, acknowledgments, and awards received in the field.

Family Law Judge Will Determine the Scope of the Expert Testimony

  1. The scope of offered expert testimony is such that an ordinary person would need to hear the experts opinion where the ordinary person does not necessarily have the knowledge of the offered subject matter, and
  2. Whether the person offered to give the expert testimony has the necessarily knowledge, training, experience, skill, and expertise in the area where expert testimony is offered.



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