How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney in Chicago

Searching for a divorce attorney in Chicago can be stressful with emotions running high and uncertainty about your future and the fate of your children. It is very important to take the time to find the right divorce lawyer early in the process so that you fully understand your options, your rights and the Illinois divorce laws that will affect you. Working with the right divorce attorney will be one of the biggest decisions you make and will affect your current well-being along with your future financial stability.

With so many things to think about, it is difficult to know where to begin. You may be wondering how to file in the first place, or if your spouse has filed you will have many questions about how to protect yourself and your family. You might wonder how Illinois divorce law treats the separation of assets and debt, which can be a very complicated process in high asset divorces. Retaining a Chicago divorce lawyer with experience in division of marital property such as the family home, vacation or rental property, retirement and pension accounts is extremely important for your financial future. Understanding how all marital debt will be divided is equally important which also has a significant impact on your future and your credit.

The most important thing on your mind right now maybe custody of the children and how this will affect your parenting time. With so many things to think about during such an emotional time, it is important to have the right lawyer by your side. So how do you find the best divorce attorney in Chicago to represent your interests?

Follow These 5 Tips to Hire the Best Chicago Divorce Attorney

Following a list of some helpful tips to find the best divorce attorney in Chicago will put your mind at ease with the confidence of someone on your side to look out for your interests.

1) Make sure your lawyer specializes only in Illinois Family Law. The laws relating to marriage, divorce, child custody and support are always evolving and have experienced change in recent years. Be sure that your attorney is focused only on family law as they should have much more experience with the laws that affect you. Ask for the areas of law they specialize in, how long they have been practicing family law in your area.

2) Ask about experience in cases which are like yours. If time with your children is your main concern, be sure to ask about their experience with child custody cases. If you have no children but own many assets or properties, be sure that your attorney is experienced in high asset divorces. Other special circumstances may be a military divorce or same sex divorce. Whatever your situation demands, be sure that your divorce lawyer is experienced in similar cases and don’t be afraid to ask their track record for winning cases whether in negotiation or litigation.

3) Ask the outcome of their divorce cases and how many have gone to trial. While some divorce cases are best settled with skillful negotiation, others may require fierce litigation. Make sure that your lawyer can handle divorce litigation in a courtroom if negotiations break down and a settlement agreement cannot be reached amicably.

4) Make sure that you know how you will communicate with your attorney, and that you feel comfortable and have a good rapport with your divorce lawyer. Communicating private and personal information is never a comfortable feeling, your divorce attorney should give you assurances and put your mind at ease. Be sure that you feel comfortable with your lawyer, that you know how you will communicate and how those communications will be billed.

5) Ask about their billing practices. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their billing practices so you are not caught with surprises halfway through your divorce. Are you required to pay a retainer and what does that include? You should have a clear understanding you’re their billing practices and know what is included to prevent any disputes in the future.

This is only a short list of some helpful tips to finding the best Chicago divorce lawyer. For more information and help with finding the best lawyer for you, contact Anderson and Boback, experienced divorce attorneys who are dedicated to protecting your interests and your assets.

Anderson & Boback is an experienced family law firm in Chicago offering easy communication, skillful negotiation and fierce litigation. We help to provide some certainty and comfort during what is typically an uncertain and chaotic time. Contact us today learn more about how we can help you to resolve your case quickly and fairly. ​




When Everything Is On The Line, You Need An Attorney You Can Trust, That Will Advocate & Fight For Your Family! We Can Help!

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Anderson & Boback Family Law

Anderson & Boback Family Law

When Everything Is On The Line, You Need An Attorney You Can Trust, That Will Advocate & Fight For Your Family! We Can Help!

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