How to Effectively Co-Parent with Your Ex’s Significant Other

Let’s face it raising your child with someone other than your ex can be just as difficult as co-parenting with your ex. Between different styles of communication and parenting, it can be a complete nightmare. After all, you may not know your ex’s significant other well and may have some resentment towards that person. It is important to recognize this and try your best to keep your personal feelings out of your co-parenting relationship for your child’s sake. When raising a child, it is crucial to keep their best interest in mind at all times. Here are a few tips to effectively co-parent with your ex’s significant other.

Three Keys to Co-Parent with Your Ex’s Significant Other

(1) Forms of Communication

(2) Setting Rules

(3) Issues to Address

Other big issues are parenting style such as discipline, bed times, and diets. Sometimes it’s good to create a contract-like document or a parenting agreement that lays out the terms by which the parents strive to raise the child. It can be simple or as detailed as you want. It could be a good parenting tool because if there are issues in the future, parents can look back at the agreement and try to adjust their parenting styles to reflect the agreed upon goals. One of the keys of co-parenting, is realizing that you are not solely in control and you need to be open to alternative parenting styles. It will no doubt be frustrating at times but is imperative you accept the fact.

If you cannot come to an agreement on an issue maybe think about hiring a mediator. Mediators are great; they are trained professionals and if you hire an experienced family law mediator, they will likely have an assortment of suggestions to resolves any issue you are having. Talking issues out with a therapist is another helpful way to take some of the unnecessary emotions out of the problem and help you focus on the real issue at hand. Not responding the same day to a frustrating message or at least consulting with someone else before responding are also helpful tools in ensuring your response is not spiteful.

Whatever co-parenting method you chose, keep in mind communication is key. Issues often arise when there is a lack of communication. I encourage you to keep a constant and emotionless communication stream open and to always consider the best interest of the child involved.

Complex situations of co-parenting with your Ex’s significant other require sound legal advice from experienced family law attorneys. Contact Anderson & Boback if you would like to discuss your family law situation or have questions about child custody jurisdiction.


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