How to Avoid a Coronavirus Quarantine Divorce

The quarantine memes all over the internet have spoken. Once quarantine life and shelter in place is over, bathing suit season may be canceled, but the divorce season is coming in full force. People are growing tired of the mundane day to day routine, the pressures of distance learning and homeschooling, running a household, putting in a fully remote workday, and trying to balance it all with self-care. Tensions are running high and attitudes are at large. Financial insecurity is problematic. Perhaps you or your spouse is furloughed or lost your job and the stress of mounting bills and providing for your family is taking its toll. Everyone is tired of being home, and the uncertainty of when this will end is anxiety-inducing, creating short tempers.

7 Quarantine Tips from a Divorce Lawyer

Tip #1: Communication is key.

Tip #2: Make time for self-care.

Tip #3: Plan an Agenda for your days.

Tip #4: Carve out time for you and your significant other.

Tip #5: Divide the chores.

Tip #6: Re-work your budget together.

Tip #7: Set Boundaries and have a plan regarding your children.

These times are different than anyone has ever seen before and it is trying the patience of married couples around the world. Making sure that you have a plan to manage quarantine life and are on the same page will ensure that your marriage survives this situation.


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