Cyber-Spying: Spying on Your Spouse is Easier than Ever

Lawyer Turned Pinkerton Detective

Spying on Your Spouse in an Illinois Divorce

Listening Devices Used to Spy on the Other Parent

Recording a Person in Illinois Without Their Knowledge is Illegal

Cyber-Spying through Use of Shared Property



Spying on Your Spouse Can Lead to Criminal Charges

Shared Devices and Knowledge of Passwords


  • TIP: Change your Apple password … and maybe even your Apple ID.

Text Messages From Shared Devices Can Be Evidence

  • TIP: It is essential to get your own Apple password when you are undergoing a divorce.

Family Sharing Plans and Spouses on Shared Phone Bill

  • TIP: You cannot complain about your spouse reviewing their own phone bill, so divorcing couples need to remove their phone from the same bill.

Facebook — the Favorite Spy Tool

  • TIP: If you’re going through a divorce or custody case, do not post images or comments about your spouse or child’s parent that can be used against you.

Phone Tracking Mobile Apps

Text Messages, Voicemails, and Emails

  • Think before you speak and remember that anything you say or write can be used against you.

Do You Think Your Spouse is Cyber-Spying on You?

Consult A Divorce Lawyer Before Snooping



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