Can You Move With Your Child?

The Child Relocation law in January 2016 had some significant changes.

You Must be the Primary Parent to Move with your Child

Give the other parent notice!

What is included in the 60-day notice?

  1. Where you are going
  2. When you are going
  3. If this is a temporary or a permanent move.

What happens if the other parent does not agree to the move?

The primary interest of the court lies in the best interest of the child.

  • Why is the parent moving? You will need to provide good reasons for the move.
  • What is the purpose of the move?
  • What are the reasons behind the other parent objecting?
  • What is available to the child here, as far as education and activities, as compared to what is available to the child where you will be moving?
  • Is there family support here and there?
  • What are the parent’s time with the child now and have they been actively exercising that?

The court will also look at how the move will affect the other parent.

In the case of domestic violence.

Seek Advice from a Chicago Divorce Attorney Before Moving with Your Child



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