BEWARE: Tips to Avoid Mistakes in a Custody Battle

If you find yourself about to begin a custody battle or fight for parenting time, there are some things you want to keep in mind and some things you want to avoid making the process smoother and better for everyone. Keep in mind that a fight over custody is difficult for everyone involved, including the children. The fight will be emotionally, physically, and financially draining so it is important to keep the following in mind to mitigate any damage that can be done. Children are very aware of their surroundings and when things change. When things become rocky, they sense it and you can think of it like being on an airline flight across the country.

When things are smooth, everyone is comfortable and at ease. However, when that plane starts rocking and you feel turbulence, you get a bit nervous that things are no longer OK. What do you do? You look at the flight attending and see how they are reacting. If the flight attendant is calm, cool, and collected and going about their duties — you feel better, you take their lead and you feel better too. If the flight attendant looks scared and is running here and there and not acting normal — your fear is increased. Think of your family life as a flight across the country. When things are smooth everyone is comfortable and calm However, when the children feel the plane start rocking, they are going to look to you — their parent (akin to the flight attendant) and see how you are reacting. If you are calm and going about your routines as normal — they will feel at ease. However, if you are upset, excited, and acting abnormal, your children will pick up on this and be very fearful of the turbulence they feel in the family.

9 Tips to Follow in a Child Custody Battle

1. Do not say unkind things about the other parent to your child.

2. Provide a safe and loving environment for your child.

3. Keep the lines of communication open with the other parent when it comes to your children.

4. Avoid sharing your personal issues on social media.

5. Hire a Child Custody attorney you trust and feel comfortable working with.

6. Comply with all temporary court orders that are entered during the pendency of your child custody case.

7. Maintain good records of all matters related to your children.

8. Do not make your children choose who they want to live or spend time with.

9. Be the best role model possible for your child.


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