Am I Choosing the Right Lawyer for My Divorce?

Wondering if you’re choosing the right lawyer is a common question that comes up when you’re going through a divorce or family law case. And while it’s a common question when going through a divorce, it’s not always easy to answer. Here’s some guidance that should help you find your answer:

Research Helps You Know If You’re Choosing the Right Lawyer

Does the Attorney Concentrate in Family Law?

The area of family law encompasses not only divorce but the division of assets and liabilities, real estate, pension divisions, etc. This area of law is not a small division of law, but actually fairly large. If you have a business, you’ll want to know if your attorney has ever handled this issue before. You’ll want to talk about some aspects of your business to see if the lawyer understands profit and loss statements, partnership and shareholder agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, etc. When you talk “business” with your lawyer, do you feel like she understands the issues you have?

Meet the Divorce Lawyer in Person Before Hiring

What exactly are you looking for?

Give some thought to what type of lawyer you’re really looking for. Do you want an aggressive attorney and realize when you sit with her that she seems kind of shy? It might not be the right fit for you. Having an idea about what you want can help you pick the right attorney too.

Communicate Your Needs

A lot of your decision will be based on how well you believe you can talk to this attorney and if they are approachable. It doesn’t matter if you hire the best attorney there is if you can never reach them. Discuss what you need and make sure that the attorney you are hiring can meet that need.

Feel Comfortable Communicating

Understand the Attorney’s Billing Practices

  • Will you be charged for every phone call?
  • Will you be charged to communicate by email?
  • Does the attorney require a retainer?

Understanding the billing practices from your attorney will prevent disputes later. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Choose the Right Lawyer for You


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