Is It Too Late to Switch Divorce Attorneys?

Many clients do not realize that they can switch divorce attorneys should they choose to do so, during the course of their divorce litigation. They remain with attorneys whom they are dissatisfied with because they do not understand the process for switching attorneys, or because they don’t realize that it…

If you are facing a child custody case in Chicago, you may be wondering what a child custody evaluation is and how it is used in the custody process. A child custody evaluation is a standard evaluation ordered by the Court. It helps the Judge make decisions about parental responsibilities…

How Can I Modify My Child Support?

The question “How can I modify my child support” is one of the most frequently asked questions in family law. Child support is often a hotly contested issue, as many parents feel like they are paying too much, or their ex-partner is paying too little. But, opinion has little to…

Anderson & Boback Family Law

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