When parents are no longer together, living far away from a child’s other parent can make parenting time schedules extremely complicated. Between arranging for travel back and forth as well as figuring out logistics, it can be complex to try and come up with an adequate schedule for the children and their other parent. There are many factors that contribute to the design of long-distance parenting plans, in particular, how far away the parents live from each other. If it is a few hours by car, that is a different situation than someone who is a plane ride away, halfway…

Although we tend to put judges on a pedestal, we need to remember that judges are people too. Outside of the vacuum of the Domestic Relations Division, family law judges attend social events, enjoy the outdoors, and participate in occasional club or organization meetings. That is why there are rules in place to ensure that these outside forces and interests do not penetrate your case’s bubble in the interest of fairness and impartiality. Here, we discuss the different ways that you can substitute your judge and the different scenario’s where each rule applies.

When Can I Substitute the Judge in My Divorce When I Do Not Have a Specific Reason for Doing So?

Each party in the divorce proceeding is…

Smart Home technology is all the rage lately. Everyone seems to have a digital device, whether it be Siri on an iPhone, a Google Home, an Alexa, Ring security cameras, doorbell cameras, and more. While this smart home technology certainly can make our lives easier, the way these devices can impact court proceedings is widely unknown. In criminal proceedings, subpoenas have been issued to try and obtain the recordings from smart devices to large companies such as Google, or Amazon, but the issues largely are resolved before any of these large companies have to comply. …

When a doctors divorce, there are unique issues that arise that have to be dealt with such as how to deal with the value of the professional license, the ownership of a business entity operated by the professionally, the valuation of a business, and the student loans associated with obtaining the professional license. For a doctor going through a divorce, these could all be aspects of marital property that have to be carefully considered in the division of the marital estate.

5 Areas of Concern for a Doctor Getting a Divorce

There are five key areas of concern for a doctor facing divorce.

1. Medical Practice Valuation

Valuing a medical practice is complicated but…

The latest child relocation case — comes out of Lake County, Illinois, and it denied Nuriana Levites the right to relocate her daughter to California.

In re Marriage of Dmitry Levites v. Nuriana Levites

It seemed clear from the evidence before the court that Dmitry was abusive to Nuriana. Other evidence suggested that Dmitry had even conspired with another man, Marozau, to injure his wife. On May 23, 2017, the trial court entered a mutual no-contact order, which precluded both parties from engaging in harassing conduct, committing physical abuse, interfering with the other’s personal liberty, or stalking each other. The order also set a parenting schedule, with their child’s…

When your divorce is set for trial this is where the judge will finalize your divorce case. It is set after several months of discovery and represents the final orders in your divorce. Given the permanent nature of this proceeding, many people are intimidated by the prospect of testifying and having one shot to persuade the judge to rule their way.

Most parties will try every avenue to resolve a case prior to setting a trial and having to go through the process of preparing for trial, if anything, due to the financial and emotional tolls a trial can take…

One of the hardest things as a divorced/separated parent is knowing or suspecting that your child is being abused while visiting the other parent. You may know something is going on with your child, but if you cannot prove it, what do you do?

You Need Some Kind of Evidence

The rules do not allow you to introduce what your child says to you unless there is “corroborating evidence.”

What exactly is that?

If your child says that a person hit her in the eye and the child has a black eye, then the black eye can corroborate the statement. …

If you have been married for several years and spent your married life as a stay-at-home mom taking care of your family and realize you are facing a divorce, there is no reason to panic. Your efforts of caring for your home and family will not be ignored by the Court and is not discouraged by the laws in Illinois. Every case, of course, is fact-specific and the outcome of your case will be dependent on the facts in your specific marriage. As an example, a stay-at-home mom who has a Ph.D. and previous work history may likely have a…

In April 2013, petitioner, Julie Ann Julie, filed a petition for an emergency order of protection against respondent, Joseph John Joe III, pursuant to section 214 of the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 (Act) (750 ILCS 60/214 (West 2012)).

Julie’s petition for an emergency order of protection alleged that Joe :

  1. Threatened her when he was mad,
  2. Installed an application on her phone to monitor her activity,
  3. Would not let her get a job,
  4. Controlled her access to money, and
  5. In April 2009, hurt her wrist and arm and forced her to have sex with him.

She also sought…

One aspect of a dissolution of marriage is the division of marital assets. For many couples, the largest asset is their home. The court has two options when it comes to the marital home. If there are not enough assets to equal the equity in the home, or neither party can afford to pay the other party for their interest in the home, the Court will likely order the home sold and the proceeds split. However, if there are other assets or one party can buy the other out, the Court may order the party giving up the home to…

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